Sitting at the intersection of science communication and education, Science Storytellers has a deceptively simple aim: to sit children (ages 7 to 14 or so) down to interview scientists, using the tools of journalism (and with a little gentle coaching by journalist volunteers), and then to share their stories.  Not to observe a science demonstration, or hear a spiel, or try out a gizmo or an app—just to talk, one on one, and then to use the tools of journalism to tell science stories. [More TK]

Why the “tools of journalism?” Journalists learn something new every day. The “tools of journalism” include asking questions, talking to lots of people, conducting background research, synthesizing your findings, making sense of it all, and communicating it to others.  

Not only are these many of the same practices scientists use in their own research, allowing kids to do the question-asking and sense-making flips the switch on traditional models of education. TKTK. 


Our Team [new page nested in “About?]

Jenny Cutraro, Founder and executive director

Science writer Jenny Cutraro, founder and director of Science Storytellers, spent her elementary school years bringing home report cards declaring her to be “too talkative during class.” Today, she channels that love of talking into a career that’s all about sharing science with others. Before launching Science Storytellers, she was a managing editor at SciStarter, where she oversaw their citizen science blog network on DiscoverPLoS, and other outlets. As an editorial project manager at WGBH in Boston, she also developed an award-winning collection of education resources for the Emmy-nominated PBS KIDS series Plum Landing. Jenny also has produced science education resources for PBS Learning Media, NOVA Science NOW, and The New York Times Learning Network. Follow her on Twitter at @CuriousDaffodil, but don’t expect much.

Siri Carpenter, Founding partner

Siri is awesome. Rest of Bio TK

Tara Taylor, Designer

Jenny met Tara when they worked together on the PBS Kids project Plum Landing. Tara brought a whimsical, yet sophisticated style to her work on all things user experience on the site, and Jenny knew just who to turn to when it was time to design a logo and other elements for science storytellers. Today Tara TKTK .